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Grow Healthy Together with our Family Wellness Week!

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Have you wanted your family to experience the same benefits you or your child have had?

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Why is your child so IMPULSIVE?

Is your child overly impulsive? Find out what could be going on inside his or her body.

Does this relate to your child with ADHD?

Is the brain or the body more important for your child to be calm, sit still, and pay attention? If your child struggles in school or with ADHD discover more.

Is ADHD just your child’s learning style?

Wondering if your child is hyper and inattentive because they learn different than others? This could be a huge key for your child with ADHD.

Can your child have the GAS and BRAKE on at the same time?

How can you slow your child down if it seems like his foot is always on the gas pedal?

Is your child’s GAS pedal stuck on?

Click here for more information on SPD (Sensory processing disorder)

How can chiropractic help my child feel calm?

Looking for help this school year? Find out how chiropractic can help your child learn better!

Would you like your child to have an advantage when it comes to learning? Find out here, as Dr. Tye Moe explains how chiropractic care can give your child the edge.