Growing up in the north woods of Wisconsin I’ve come to enjoy about any outdoor activity.  Golfing, hiking, camping, biking, and swimming are some of my favorites.  I’m usually up for learning something new, especially if it challenges my mind or my body.  Recently I’ve gotten into cross-fit and aikido as ways to stay in shape and be active.

My passion for health grew out of wanting to know everything I could about how the body works.  The more I learned, the more experience I had, and the more stories I heard the more I realized how amazing the human body really is.

Soon I knew that I wanted to help people bring out this amazing potential…and to do so without drugs or surgery.  It is chiropractic that allows me to do just that!

Each day I am honored to work with people to not only optimize their health, but also to optimize their quality of life.  Sharing things that I live by myself allows me to feel connected to each practice member I work with.  I look forward to helping you in the same way!




Born and raised in Minnesota, specifically the southern twin cities, I embrace most all seasons of weather and activities, and enjoy trying new restaurants the city has to offer.

During the colder months you may find my husband and I at a Minnesota Wild game, or out on an ice rink skating.

We enjoy being out on the water in the summer boating, jet skiing, tubing,or watching our seven year old black lab trying to eat her own air bubbles as she swims.

As a chiropractor, I enjoy helping people through life’s everyday stresses and love seeing them succeed in feeling better, getting healthier, and reaching goals, like running a half marathon without pain through Disney World.

By technically assessing and implementing specific neurological adjustments to reduce resistance, stress and interference on the nervous system, the body is able to heal, function, and perform as it was perfectly designed.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you reach your goals!





I grew up on a hobby farm outside Hastings, Minnesota. My passion is art and working with kids. With three siblings of my own (and working with kids for as long as I can remember) I love hearing the kids stories and questions.

I graduated from Bethel University in 2014 with a B.A. in Studio Art. My favorite thing to create is portrait photography, especially working with families to build meaningful memories through photography.

On weekends I love to be creating something whether it is a crochet project, photographing families, or creating a whole new world using art and imagination.

I have a firm belief in what Neurological Chiropractic can do for people, especially kids. Seeing so many families with kids of all ages come into our office telling me about the wonderful changes that they have seen brings me hope for when I have kids in the future.

Growing up I had been to a few different chiropractors since I was 8, to see if it would help my constant headaches and neck pain. Each chiropractor had a slightly different style of adjusting. I had some relief with my migraines but they were still a problem.

After starting my position and receiving care at Whole Family Chiropractic, I noticed how different the adjustments are and how much better I felt. Within the first month I noticed that my headaches diminished to the point that I would only get them if I wasn’t drinking enough water or was emotionally stressed. I have also experienced deeper sleep, more energy, and less acne as a result of my care. As my body continues to heal I am confidant that I will have better and better health.

The reason I have such confidence in how much good Whole Family Chiropractic can do for those who come through our door is because of the changes that I have seen in myself!





Growing up in the Iron Range area of Minnesota, I spent my spare time between my father’s steel fabrication business, my mother’s occupational therapy room at the nearby high school, and the hospital where grandmother worked. This is where I discovered my passion for wanting to improve the overall health and lives of others, whilst being a business woman.

I am currently a student at Hamline University. Ultimately, I plan to graduate in May of 2018 with my Bachelor of Business Administration: International Business and Management, and a minor in Spanish. Upon obtaining my undergraduate degree, I will go on to hold a Master of Healthcare Administration. My determination and love for travel have inspired me to go into International Business, resulting in my newest and most proud accomplishment of receiving an internship in Shanghai, China.

Before starting my position and receiving care at Whole Family Chiropractic, I had never seen a chiropractor before. Little did I know that it would change my life! As a full-time collegiate student athlete, sleep became scarce as the year went on. After just a few short weeks of adjustments I realized that I had finally slept through the night without waking up, tossing and turning, or adjustment myself once – something that I hadn’t done in almost 3 years. My migraines are now almost non existent, my sense of balance physically and emotionally is increased, my body is able to be at 100% for every race, and my overall health has improved exponentially.

Whole Family Chiropractic has enabled me to function at my optimal level in every aspect of my life. I love a little more, laugh a little more, and most importantly live a little more – and I have no doubt that you can too!