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Neuro Spinal EMG Scans

Before & After:

Before care at Whole Family Chiropractic this woman was dealing with neck and back pain, dizziness, and anxiety.

After care she was able to move without pain and dizziness. She also noticed an increased quality of sleep, improved balance, and an increased sense of well-being.



This test measures the nerves communicating between your brain and your muscles – the “motor” part of your nervous system.

When this system is under stress, it will send stress into your brain.  For kiddos and adults dealing with a “stressed brain” concern (anxiety, ADHD, sensory processing issues, autism, seizures, etc.) this scan is critical.

Many times we find families working hard to control the external environment – avoiding things that trigger stress, developing a perfect routine, having an arsenal of calming techniques (deep breathing, essential oils, calming music, etc) – but find that the smallest thing can still trigger a fight/flight stress response.  It becomes exhausting having to work so hard to not feel like you’re making any real progress.

In these situations we often find stress on this sEMG scan.  Imagine if your body was a castle and you were trying to guard it.  You’d build the walls higher and the moat wider to try and protect it from incoming invaders.  However, what if the invader was already inside the castle?  It wouldn’t matter what you did to protect things on the outside from coming in, because the problem is already there.

This is the analogy we use to help you understand this scan.  We’re looking for an invader already inside the body that is triggering the fight/flight stress response from inside the body – no matter how calm the external environment it.  We often see hyperactivity, anxiety, impulsivity, difficulty sleeping, and other related stressed brain concerns when this scan shows stress.

In addition to handling stress, this scan is crucial if you’re experiencing tightness, spasm, and overall fatigue.  Or maybe your child is struggling with poor motor tone, coordination issues, focus, reading comprehension, or communication challenges.  The motor part of your nervous system that we’re measuring with this scan is critical for those concerns as well.

The colors and patterns that show up on this scan tell us where the greatest amount of stress and inefficiency is being stored in your body.