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Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

Your family shouldn’t be held back by stressed minds and sick bodies.
You should be free to live full, healthy lives.


DR. TYE MOE, Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Chiropractor

Always interested in the body’s ability to heal itself, Dr. Tye became excited for chiropractic after a teacher explained how the brain controls everything in the body, and all the nerves travel along the spine and through the spinal cord.  When the teacher shared a story of a boy with asthma getting off of his inhaler after adjusting the nerves that go to his lungs, Dr. Tye realized how powerfully chiropractic can help this inborn healing ability.  This passion for health and healing has carried into his work on a daily basis…especially in helping families get healthy and stay healthy. 

Dr. Tye loves to stay active by being outside with his family, golfing, and kiteboarding.

Since experiencing his first exposure to tonal/neurological techniques as a student in 2006, he has loved expanding his studies in that area, including: Torque Release Technique (TRT), MC2, Talksy Tonal, and Zone Technique.

DR. CHELSEY HENNEY, Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Chiropractor

Dr. Chelsey’s fascination with tonal chiropractic care began after receiving her first tonal chiropractic adjustment. She was adjusted lightly in her lower back, and when she stood up off the table she could reach down and touch her toes. Prior to the adjustment, she could only reach just past her knees! The power of the brain-body connection (a.k.a. the nervous system) solidified after that experience. She now enjoys offering gentle adjustments to help the brain-body connection of all ages. She is always amazed to hear and witness the possibilities that come from receiving our chiropractic care!

When she is away from the office she is engaged with her two young kiddos and husband…exploring food, board games/cards, and travel!

Since experiencing her first tonal/neurological adjustment as a student in 2011, she has loved broadening her studies in this area, including: Torque Release Technique (TRT), MC2, Talsky Tonal, and Zone Technique.

LIZZY HURINENKO, Office Manager & Chiropractic Assistant

Lizzy is passionate about holistic health. She wants to help families take control of their personal health and improve their quality of life. She loves to spend time outdoors with friends doing yoga or hiking.

SARAH HOLLENBACK, Chiropractic Assistant

Sarah is a people person excited to get to know the community at Whole Family Chiropractic. She is a creative who enjoys writing in her free time, as well as a passion for photography and graphic design. On any given weekend, you could find her taking long walks, hiking the local trails, dancing with her friends, or working on her goal to try all the greatest restaurants the Twin Cities has to offer. 
Sarah wants to support you and your families to feel the most comfortable, happy, and healthy as you can.

EMILY HOYT, Chiropractic Assistant

Emily is currently in her second year in chiropractic school and will be helping out at the front desk and with scans.

Emily is on a mission to empower and support families to live healthier and happier lives through the avenue of chiropractic wellness care. She is here as your teammate in unleashing health and vitality from the inside out. 
When she isn’t studying or in the office, you will find her enjoying the outdoors; hiking, camping, spending time in nature or visiting her hometown in Wisconsin.


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We use gentle neurological chiropractic care – no twisting, popping or contorting your body!

Most chiropractors take a “bone first” approach to care. At Whole Family Chiropractic, we prefer a “nerve first” approach. We use a technique that focuses on caring for the nerves by using a technique called Torque Release Technique (TRT). It’s gentle and easy for all ages.



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