Leading Technology – How it Works

Did you know only 10% of your nervous system deals with pain messages?  What that means is much of what’s going on in your body you can’t feel.  For example, a person with heart disease can’t feel if he has high blood pressure or high cholesterol…he has to get them measured.  A person with diabetes can’t feel if her blood sugar is too high…she has to get it measured.

As a result, we use this technology to measure three components of your nervous system that you can’t feel.  This gives us an understanding if your “back problem” is also turning into a “health problem.”



The first test measures the nerves from your brain to your organs, glands, and blood vessels.

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This test measures the nerves from your brain to your muscles.  When a person is under stress, it often creates tension in that person’s body.

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Heart rate variability is something used by cardiologists and exercise physiologists to measure the overall impact stress is having on a your nervous system.

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Although everyone can’t be the best, we’d certainly like to think we are.  While it’s important to have a doctor
who’s confident in his abilities, it’s even more important that he get results.

If you’re wondering whether Whole Family Chiropractic is the best…see what others have to say:

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