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Mood Swings and Behavior Issues Webinar

Does your child struggle with constant meltdowns, moodiness, or poor behavior? Are you exhausted as a parent trying to prevent every little thing from leading to an explosion? In this webinar you’ll: – Discover how past stress may be leading to today’s meltdowns (many parents finally connect the dots as to WHY their child is … Read more

Important for Autism, Dyslexia and Learning

Even if your child’s hearing tests normal, there may be an issue with how your child’s brain understands what it hears. Learn how different parts of hearing affect learning and socializing. Click here for more information on SPD (sensory processing disorder)

The most important consideration if your child has Anxiety and SPD

Understand how changing your child’s brain is more important than changing their environment…if they have a sensory processing issue (SPD). Click here for more information on SPD (sensory processing disorder)

Dr. Tye Shocked a Child

The other morning I was running on the trail near my house.  As I was crossing a bridge, there was a family of four spread out down by the bridge, and walking toward me.  As I ran by the first two, they saw me, and we smiled and nodded at each other. As I came … Read more

Fewer Headaches and Better Vision!

  Check our what our rockstar office manager Brittany has to say about Whole Family Chiropractic!   Before coming to Whole Family Chiropractic life was very stressful. I was getting paid on commission with variable work hours at a photography company. This was a huge stress on my marriage and greatly limited what I could … Read more

Relief from Pain Flares & Adjustments not Irritating!

Two years ago, I developed a rare condition of the nervous system known today as Complex Regional Pain Disorder. The disorder causes mild to crippling neuralgia (pain along nerves), seizures, dystonia (abnormal muscle tone resulting in muscle spasm and abnormal posture), and frequent flares with disabling myofacsial (tissue surrounding and separating muscles) disorder… amongst numerous, … Read more

Calm body and strong immune system!

Before care with Whole Family Chiropractic, Ingrid was a spirited child with little self-control.  She made us smile, yet also pull our hair out.  She loves going to Whole Family Chiropractic every couple weeks and leaves feeling connected and calm.  She is still our spirited child but with a bit more self-control. I love the relationships … Read more

Creating Lasting Lifestyle Changes

How to Make Changes Stick Have you ever wanted to make a change in your health?  Was it a success or did you quickly return to your old habits? If you did no worries, it can be very common.  When it comes to making a change toward better health, the new year is often the time people … Read more

Tasty Gluten-Free Holiday Pie!

If you’re looking for a delicious gluten-free pie (that even people who eat lots of gluten will love), try this recipe for your holiday season! Salted Caramel Apple Pie (Click Here for Recipe) Hint: If you’re looking for a delicious gluten-free pie crust that is already made, we love what BitterSweet Gluten Free Bakery has to offer … Read more

Boosted Immune System and No More Seasonal Allergies!

I came to see Whole Family Chiropractic when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2013. I was worried and afraid. I wanted them to help me address my fears of having cancer even more than I needed help with the cancer itself. From the very first adjustment, I felt a sparkling inside my body … Read more