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Lindsey G – “The volume on my stress and anxiety got turned waaaaay down.”

“I came to Whole Family Chiropractic seeking help for my child. One child led to the other, and eventually I tried things myself after seeing their interesting and positive results. With twice weekly care, my changes were noticeable and fairly immediate. The volume on my stress and anxiety got turned waaaaay down. I was amazed. … Read more

No More Ear Infections, Improved Digestion, and Mobility!

“My son had three double ear infections from 6-9 months. Frustrated by antibiotics (and knowing the side effects, as a nurse) we turned to chiropractic! He has not had any more ear infections and has also had improved digestion and mobility! Dr. Tye really takes the time to get to know you and your child … Read more

The most important consideration if your child has Anxiety and SPD

Understand how changing your child’s brain is more important than changing their environment…if they have a sensory processing issue (SPD). Click here for more information on SPD (sensory processing disorder)

Does your child with SPD have their volume turned down “too low” (Sensory processing disorder)

Hear how Dr. Tye’s body odor (yes, his smell) can help you understand your child with SPD if their volume is “too low.” Click here for more information on SPD (sensory processing disorder)

The Four Things That Make Your Brain Feel Nervous

Power Up Your Brain #5 of 6 These four things are NOT all in your head: Guess what?  The things that make you feel nervous are NOT all in your head!  In this tip you’ll discover tips to destress your brain so it can learn better. Your brain and nervous system have two modes.  One … Read more

How does chiropractic help Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety or ADHD?

Has a friend or a therapist recommended you try chiropractic for your child with anxiety, ADHD or Sensory Processing Disorder?  Learn why chiropractic is effective in helping your child, and how it can turbo boost your progress in therapies by calming your child’s brain from the inside. Click here for our other resources on Sensory … Read more

Why does my child with Sensory Processing Disorder avoid new activities? (And how it can be causing their anxiety)

Does your child only like the same, familiar things over and over again?  Wondering why other kids are excited to explore new things, but your child is hesitant?  Find out if they’re just stubborn, or if something more is going on. Click here for our other resources on sensory processing disorder and here for our … Read more

Dr. Tye Shocked a Child

The other morning I was running on the trail near my house.  As I was crossing a bridge, there was a family of four spread out down by the bridge, and walking toward me.  As I ran by the first two, they saw me, and we smiled and nodded at each other. As I came … Read more

How Strong is Your Foundation?

I was going for a run in the park by my house recently and ran across something interesting.  A tree that at first glance was standing upright just fine.  However, with a closer look, was very near to falling over.  Why?  Because the nearby beavers had chewed away at it’s base!         … Read more