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Jamie K – Finding Peace from Postpartum Anxiety

“After the birth of my third child, I was dealing with some more intense postpartum anxiety as well as some pregnancy induced hypertension issues. Functioning with postpartum anxiety is really difficult. It’s difficult to clear your mind enough to get through the day, be present with kids, and obviously care for a newborn. Trying to … Read more

Help for anxiety & depression – Creating a better future!

“Before receiving chiropractic care I was stuck in a rut. I was really complacent and struggled with a lot of anxiety and depression. I didn’t feel like I was going to do anything in my life. I thought the relationship I was in was going to fix everything, but I still couldn’t get myself to … Read more

Suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder? Simple, yet effective resources!

Have you been suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder? Are you dreading the rest of winter – the cold days and long, dark nights? If so, this interview is for you! We host Dr. Sarah Reyna, specialist in depression and SAD. We’ll discuss what to avoid that could be making things worse. In addition, she’ll share … Read more

Does your stress as a parent affect your child?

Wondering how the stress in your house affects your child? Find out who wins – the most stressed or the most calm.

Movements for Calm and Focus

Power Up Your Brain #6 of 6     (To Register for the Upcoming Brain Gym Workshop, Click Here)   Charge Your Brain With Easy Movements for School, Home, and Work: This blog is on easy movements that increase calm and focus for your brain.  Teachers do these and find their students are more attentive, … Read more

The Four Things That Make Your Brain Feel Nervous

Power Up Your Brain #5 of 6 These four things are NOT all in your head: Guess what?  The things that make you feel nervous are NOT all in your head!  In this tip you’ll discover tips to destress your brain so it can learn better. Your brain and nervous system have two modes.  One … Read more

Improve Self-Esteem and Lower Stress With This Posture

Power Up Your Brain #4 of 6   Change your outlook with only a few minutes: This Power Up Your Brain tip is going to show you how to change your outlook in only a few minutes. In the first tip we discussed how movement is important for building your brain.  It is because your … Read more

The Best Time to Go to Bed

Power Up Your Brain #3 of 6 Recover the most if you go to bed… There are two important things sleep does to Power Up Your Brain.  One, like other things your body does when you’re asleep, is it has a chance for healing and repair.  This is the time your body pulls inflammation from … Read more

Confused by what it means to have a sensory processing issue?

Hear a short story from Dr. Tye’s childhood to understand more about sensory issues and SPD. Click here for our other resources on Sensory Processing Disorder.   Whole Family Chiropractic is located in Highland Park of St Paul, MN 55116.  WFC is conveniently accessible from Minneapolis (55417, 55406), Mendota Heights (55120, 55118), Eagan (55122), and … Read more