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Ivy J. – “She has been a very happy baby.”

“Ivy was just a couple weeks when we brought her here.  She struggled with digestive issues, reflux, and wasn’t sleeping.  She also had latch and feeding issues because of a tongue and lip tie. Our first born had the same issue and we didn’t find chiropractic care until 4 months.  So we navigated it the … Read more

Better nursing, less stiff, no more colic, and improved digestion!

“Lochlan was just under four months old when we started coming to Whole Family Chiropractic. He had a very rough start to life. At the time of our first adjustment, he wasn’t growing like he should. He was born at the 80th percentile in weight but had dropped down to the 5th percentile. He had … Read more

Nursing with ease and less reflux!

Five month old, Kendra, has been adjusted at Whole Family Chiropractic by Dr. Tye and Dr. Chelsey almost every week of her life!  Kendra’s older sister, Carly, started getting adjustments at 6 months of age, so I have been able to notice the benefits of Kendra receiving chiropractic care since the start of her life. … Read more

Baby Ben: One touch, and when he finally started nursing, “it was like magic,” Dad says

AS YOU MIGHT GUESS, when a birth is complicated and includes things like forceps, suction, or Caesarian section, or is preceded by stresses on the mother during pregnancy… …baby is more likely to have had extra pressure in a number of ways, including physical stress on the delicate neck area that houses the essential connection … Read more