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Back to School Tips #4/5 – Food & Nutrition For Your Child’s Brain

Help your child smoothly transition back to school. This video gives you three practical and easy to implement food & nutrition tips to help your child’s brain feel calmer & more organized during this school year. Whether they have a worried, anxious, nervous brain…or their brain is easily distracted, hyper, and can’t pay attention. This … Read more

Ivy J. – “She has been a very happy baby.”

“Ivy was just a couple weeks when we brought her here.  She struggled with digestive issues, reflux, and wasn’t sleeping.  She also had latch and feeding issues because of a tongue and lip tie. Our first born had the same issue and we didn’t find chiropractic care until 4 months.  So we navigated it the … Read more

Top Foods for a Healthy Brain

Power Up Your Brain #2 of 6 Muscles need protein, your brain needs… If you want strong muscles, what do you need to eat?  Protein!  We know that your body can’t build new muscles out of nothing.  So if you don’t eat any protein, your body has nothing to build new muscles with. The same … Read more

Alina, Tessa, Johahna, and Keasley O.: “They’re like different kids now,” Mom says

Tiffany O. brought her 7-1/2-year-old daughter Tessa to Whole Family Chiropractic in May of 2015 rather than put her on medication:  “Out of the blue, Tessa had tummy pain so bad we had to go to the ER,” Tiffany says.  It was severe constipation. The medical doc proposed medications, but Tiffany felt that wasn’t the … Read more

How to Improve Your Nutrition…Without Even Trying! Handy Guides Attached

Guess what helps your digestive system work more effectively to actually utilize the nutrients from the food you eat? You guessed right if you mentioned neurological torque-release adjustments. Why? Because they improve the communication between the brain and the body along the nerve highway. Here’s a little more about how that works from the website … Read more

Did I Eat It?

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my car.  As I was doing so, I ran across an old potato chip.  My initial thought was, “Hmmm, I wonder if it’s any good?”  Normally I’m not opposed to eating something that fell on the ground, since I know some extra dirt will only strengthen my … Read more

What is Your Best Investment?

If you could pick one thing to do to help those you love the most, what would you pick?  My coach asked me this question recently and I started giving some different answers.  I gave different answers based on my strong areas.  After giving some answers of things I could do to others, he said … Read more

How to Touch a Hot Stove

If your hand touched a hot stove, would you rather feel nothing or feel an intense burn? For me, I’d prefer to feel an intense burn. The reason being, if I chose to feel nothing, I could end up with my hand on the stove for quite awhile…until my sense of smell was triggered instead … Read more