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David E – “I was going through life and realized that the pain that I had before wasn’t there anymore.”

“I had been playing guitar quite a bit and I sit in one particular position while playing. I started to get a really bad pain almost like sciatica going from my left leg up to my low back.  It got to the point that the pain made it hard to sleep. In a short period … Read more

From tremendous chronic pain to on the verge of thriving

“Prior to starting Whole Family I was feeling like I was dying.  My nutrition was horrible in that I had no appetite.  My sleep was terrible because I had a tremendous amount of pain – almost throughout my entire body.  It was the result of a bad fall I had several years earlier, when I … Read more

Have the Pregnancy You Want With Neurological Chiropractic

“With pregnancy, as my baby was growing, I started to experience back pain and trouble sleeping at night. I was starting to feel misaligned, and as Finnegan was getting bigger it was taking a toll on my body. Once I started chiropractic care, to put it in simple terms, I didn’t feel pregnant! When people … Read more

Help for Stress, Anxiety, Migraines – Amy’s Story

“I used to wake up with a lot of back pain and being that I am only 26 years old I feared about having to live with this the rest of my life because I didn’t know what it was from. I would stretch, go to yoga and go for walks but none of that … Read more

“My back has done a complete 180!”

“Since middle school I’ve always had lower back problems. I have to use things like the back of my chair or twist my body really fast to crack my lower back and relieve the pressure that used to build up back there. After college I had my daughter and the pain got worse. My posture … Read more

Audrey H.: Finally grounded after periods of dizziness, exhaustion, and frustration

“Before receiving chiropractic care at Whole Family Chiropractic I was super dizzy and exhausted and frustrated and felt like I was on my own figuring out my chronic health mess, I had a slew of 50 symptoms and growing, not fun to say the least… I haven’t been regularly dizzy in weeks! Unless you have … Read more

Aliese H.: Opera Singer Finds Joy, Clarity and Breath With Neurological Chiropractic

“I began my Whole Family journey nearly a year ago after complications from a car accident made basic mobility increasingly difficult. Little did I know, this cozy office of welcoming people would be the catalyst to me reclaiming much more than my flexibility. Much of my memory pre-Whole Family is murky; it’s amazing how the … Read more

Sarah B.: No More Back Pain, Less Migraines and Improved Digestion

“I first heard about Whole Family Chiropractic at the Healthy Life Expo in Minneapolis in 2014. I listened to Mary talk about how Dr. Tye’s technique is different and how it is not only for people with back issues, but all types of ailments and even preventative care. At the time I was having issues … Read more

WFC has changed my life… Improved Energy, Fewer Migraines, No Soreness.

  “WFC has changed my life! Before coming in, I would get multiple debilitating migraines a week. Now I get them only once every few months. Also, my neck and back were so sore that by the end of the day I was so tired I would have to lie down early. Now I have … Read more