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Sensory & ADHD Webinar – Better Understand How to Help Your Child

 If your child is struggling at school this year, this webinar will help you better understand WHY, and more importantly how to help your child’s brain feel calmer and more organized. You’ll learn: What stresses from inside the body may be stressing your child’s brain – leading to behavior issues, poor focus, meltdowns, anxiety, … Read more

Preparing Your Child for Back to School Webinar

Help your child improve their ability to handle stress so they better handle this year’s transition back to school. In this online webinar Dr. Tye goes in-depth to explain: The biggest challenges kids face during the back to school transition (and how those challenges are magnified if they struggle with ADHD, sensory issues, or anxiety) … Read more

Help your child with anxiety or SPD become more interactive (Sensory Processing Disorder)

Want your child to engage more in the world? Learn the most important piece. Click here for more information on SPD (sensory processing disorder) and here for more information on anxiety

Does this relate to your child with ADHD?

Is the brain or the body more important for your child to be calm, sit still, and pay attention? If your child struggles in school or with ADHD discover more.

Does your child’s posture affect his brain?

Which causes your child to feel more stress…his body or his brain? Learn the impact the body has, and tips for you as a parent.

Looking for help this school year? Find out how chiropractic can help your child learn better!

Would you like your child to have an advantage when it comes to learning? Find out here, as Dr. Tye Moe explains how chiropractic care can give your child the edge.

What is most important for your child to learn?

Discover the most important piece for your child’s brain to learn. Especially important if you child deals with ADHD or sensory processing issues (SPD). Click here for more information on SPD (sensory processing disorder)

Important for Autism, Dyslexia and Learning

Even if your child’s hearing tests normal, there may be an issue with how your child’s brain understands what it hears. Learn how different parts of hearing affect learning and socializing. Click here for more information on SPD (sensory processing disorder)

Movements for Calm and Focus

Power Up Your Brain #6 of 6     (To Register for the Upcoming Brain Gym Workshop, Click Here)   Charge Your Brain With Easy Movements for School, Home, and Work: This blog is on easy movements that increase calm and focus for your brain.  Teachers do these and find their students are more attentive, … Read more

Improve Self-Esteem and Lower Stress With This Posture

Power Up Your Brain #4 of 6   Change your outlook with only a few minutes: This Power Up Your Brain tip is going to show you how to change your outlook in only a few minutes. In the first tip we discussed how movement is important for building your brain.  It is because your … Read more