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Gross Motor Delays and Developmental Milestones

We understand that there’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to taking care of our little ones. From the numerous items in the diaper bag to everything they need day to day, it can be extremely overwhelming. Then there is a whole other chart that isn’t in that diaper bag we need … Read more

What if they DON’T grow out of it?

Parents, have you been told by your pediatrician and other pediatric experts, “Don’t worry, they’ll grow out of it.” ?? If you have been up all night with your child who is experiencing colic, chronic constipation, reflux, or ear infection after ear infection, it’s essential to know that these issues may not simply go away … Read more

Helping Your Child With Delayed Milestones

Have you been told: “Don’t worry, kids all develop at different rates.” “They’ll grow out of it.” “It’s okay, not all kids crawl.”   However, your gut instinct tells you something different? You’ve been waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and they are still behind. Now you feel like you’ve lost critical time in their window of development? If … Read more

How Milestones and Foundations Impact Your Child’s Neurodevelopment

Understand how laying a strong foundation helps your kiddo develop advanced functions. Connect the dots to early challenges and issues such as: Speech/communication Sensory processing Fine motor skills Social and emotional development Cognitive and mental growth Help your kiddo get beyond these challenges and set them up for future success.

“Lizard crawling” – What is it and why is it important?

 “Lizard crawling” What is it and why is it important?? Dr. Chelsey discusses how it helps development of: Eye tracking and future reading skills Core strength (to help with sitting, creeping, and standing) Connecting both sides of the brain and body She also shares valuable tips on how to help your kiddo optimally develop … Read more

What are a few things a 9 month old can do?

What are a few things 9 months old can do?  Associating voices and names with people Responding to music Wriggle along on stomach, crawling or close to, sitting on own, might be pulling up on furniture, close to first steps Understands the concept of “no” ***More information found in the book Ticklish by Dr. Jennifer … Read more

A New Way to Look at Milestones (And Optimal Development for Your Child’s Brain)

 Must watch if you are a new or expecting parent! Join us for an amazing interview with child development specialist Stephanie Johnson, M.A. You’ll uncover a new way to look at milestones for your child. You’ll learn: “When” they develop is less important than this key factor What to look for to know if … Read more

Baby Crawling: How Important it Really Is

Click to read a guest blog posted on the Pathways to Family Wellness website.  It includes why it’s important for your kiddo to crawl.  Did you know that crawling builds pathways in the brain improving neurological development…and sets your child up for future academic success?  It also helps integrate the body with the brain which … Read more

Better nursing, less stiff, no more colic, and improved digestion!

“Lochlan was just under four months old when we started coming to Whole Family Chiropractic. He had a very rough start to life. At the time of our first adjustment, he wasn’t growing like he should. He was born at the 80th percentile in weight but had dropped down to the 5th percentile. He had … Read more

“Normal milestones” include the curves of your baby’s spine

Click to read a guest blog posted on the Pathways to Family Wellness website.  It includes how the curve of your kiddo’s neck helps them see and why it’s best to leave them out of any supported sitting device. “Normal Developmental Milestones for Your Child Part 2: Spinal Curvatures” by Dr. Madison Snevily