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Subluxation, Stress, & Chronic Illness in Children: What Parents Should Know

🌪️ The Perfect Storm of Chronic Stress, Subluxation, + Sickness in Kids Today 🌪️ Everywhere you look, no matter the age or condition… our kids today are dealing with more chronic illness, stress, and mental health challenges than ever before. Are we supposed to continue to believe the pediatrician and medical system and chalk it … Read more

Healing Begins at Night: How Quality Sleep Supports Your Child’s Health

Parents, no matter what health challenges your child may face, whether it’s acute conditions like the common cold or chronic neurological conditions like anxiety, ADHD, or seizures – there is one crucial first step you must take: prioritize sleep.  Sleep is the foundation upon which all healing begins.  In this blog, we will explore why … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Nurturing Your Infant’s Development

The journey of parenthood is both beautiful and challenging. As a new parent, you might find yourself asking, “What are the keys to ensuring my infant’s health and development?”  In a world brimming with conflicting opinions, navigating the intricate path of understanding what constitutes genuine and healthy development for your little one is often daunting.  … Read more

Back to School Tips #3/5 – Technology and Sleep For a Calmer Brain

Help your child transition back to school. This video gives you easy tips to help your child do better with screen time and help them sleep deeper at night. Whether they have a worried, anxious, nervous brain…or their brain is easily distracted, hyper, and can’t pay attention. This video will set your child up for … Read more

Night Terrors in Toddlers: What’s Really Going On?

Do you have a little one who experiences intense episodes of fear during sleep? 🌙 Night terrors, also known as sleep terrors, are more than just nightmares. In our latest video, Dr. Tye dives into the fascinating and frustrating world of night terrors in toddlers, covering everything from their characteristics and causes to their potential … Read more

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Improve Your Child’s Sleep Patterns

Hey parents, I want to talk about sleep today… or should I say lack of sleep. Let’s discuss the importance of sleep for your child’s health and well-being. Sleep is crucial for the immune, digestive, and cognitive systems of children. It impacts their social-emotional maturation and development. It is alarming to know that almost 50% … Read more

More calm, better sleep, and less tense

“When I was pregnant with Nathaniel I had really bad acid reflux throughout pregnancy. I couldn’t eat anything, even water would give me acid reflux. After Nathaniel was born, I noticed that he was having problems sleeping, being over excited, overly emotional, and with his acid reflux. He would spit up a lot, which can … Read more

Ivy J. – “She has been a very happy baby.”

“Ivy was just a couple weeks when we brought her here.  She struggled with digestive issues, reflux, and wasn’t sleeping.  She also had latch and feeding issues because of a tongue and lip tie. Our first born had the same issue and we didn’t find chiropractic care until 4 months.  So we navigated it the … Read more