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Neurological chiropractic success story! (Help with allergies and skin)

  Here’s an example of how chiropractic helps the body heal itself – no drugs and no surgery.  If you or your child is struggling, and looking for answers, give us a call  – 651-789-0033.   If you’ve become confused, frustrated, and exhausted because you don’t have an answer that makes sense, we love to help. … Read more

Improved skin and eczema!

My daughter has suffered from fairly severe eczema (and more recently, related allergies) since she was about 12 months old. She has had extremely itchy skin, which has been incredibly disruptive to her life and has been very difficult to watch as a parent. After hearing about the benefit of chiropractic for children with eczema, … Read more

22-year-old athlete happy he can push himself in workouts again…and unpleasant rashes “completely gone” after just 3 adjustments!

When 22-year-old Josh H. began care at Whole Family Chiropractic of Highland Park, St. Paul in June 2015, he’d struggled for eight years with lower back pain that he attributed to pitching for his baseball team eight months a year since age 12.  He also had a chronic skin rash that plagued him around his … Read more