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Paula C – “I am on to a healthier life path.”

“I came to Whole Family Chiropractic because I was having some problems with my right foot while I was running. I didn’t want to have surgery to repair it and decided to try something different. I had torn my ACL in the past and had surgery to repair it. I was out for a long … Read more

Whole Family Nerve Camp for Kids: An Opportunity for Kids to Learn About their Bodies and What Makes them Healthy, and Leave with Exercises to Calm & Focus Themselves

Announcing Nerve Camp for Kids: An upcoming event at Whole Family Chiropractic! Nerve Camp for Kids is a great opportunity for kids to learn about their bodies and what makes them healthy, and leave with exercises to calm and focus themselves. Register Here: www.healthykidhappyfamily.com (ages 4-6) OR www.healthychildrenhealthyfutures.com (ages 7-12) WHAT:  WFC NERVE CAMP for … Read more

Whole Family Chiropractic Featured on Ch. 5-Eyewitness News TCL Health Segment

Breaking news from Whole Family Chiropractic! If there was a way to make sure your child was fully healed up inside and sports injuries weren’t having a lasting effect, would you want to know about it?  Can neurological chiropractic really help your kids do better both in sports and in school?   In the attached Ch. … Read more

Back to School Transition Tip #3: Avoiding Sports Injuries and Maximizing Performance

Why There is a Struggle Use Adjustments to Minimize Injuries & Maximize Ability Expert Strategy Why There is a Struggle: WHAT’S GOING ON WITH YOUR CHILD’S REFLEXES, AGILITY, AND RECOVERY FROM FALLS AND CONTACT IN SPORTS How does going back to school affect your child’s ability to stay injury-free in sports? Why do sports injuries sometimes become … Read more

22-year-old athlete happy he can push himself in workouts again…and unpleasant rashes “completely gone” after just 3 adjustments!

When 22-year-old Josh H. began care at Whole Family Chiropractic of Highland Park, St. Paul in June 2015, he’d struggled for eight years with lower back pain that he attributed to pitching for his baseball team eight months a year since age 12.  He also had a chronic skin rash that plagued him around his … Read more

12-year-old happy he gets “no more sports injuries”–Mom relieved frequent falls during sports stopped!

Twelve-year-old Allemu S. came to Whole Family Chiropractic a year ago in June 2014 because he’d had multiple falls in sports and hit his head, which worried his mom, Maggie, and because she noticed that he cracked his neck a lot. Mom also noticed that Allemu was stressed because he wanted to do well at … Read more