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Allergies/sinus problems

Breathe clear and eliminate congestion.​

“My family and I have all experienced healing at such a deeper level than we expected, with treatment at Whole Family Chiropractic! Our energy has improved, all of our immune systems have been stronger, and specifically…I haven’t taken seasonal allergy medication for 3 of my allergy seasons now! I didn’t even begin treatment due to seasonal allergies, but halfway through the first fall, I realized that I hadn’t needed any medication yet, when normally, my symptoms would be severe!

Also, you can’t beat this friendly, wonderful environment! Love everyone!”

~ Julia P. – WFC Practice Member

Two Things that Impact Severity of Allergies 🤧

Allergies typically start affecting your children around the age of three and become an ongoing battle throughout their lives if not addressed properly.  Fighting against a compromised immune system is a huge challenge.  Doctor visits, dietary restrictions, puffy eyes, and medications become part of the norm, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The short video above gives the two main reasons we see allergies being so severe in some kiddos.

We know it’s hard to watch your little ones struggle with allergic reactions.  We are dedicated to help them feel and function at their best!

Parents, you’re not alone in this. We’re here to help!

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