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Common Questions & Concerns

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Here is a list of some of the questions and concerns that most parents have about bringing their child in to chiropractic care.   We are specially trained in pediatric care and are happy to answer your questions.

Will it hurt?

Short answer…nope! We are specially trained in pediatric care. read more

Our neurological technique means no twisting, turning, or cracking.  Parents feel comfortable having their children adjusted at any age…we often adjust sleeping babies without them even waking up.

Here is a video of a routine neurological adjustment:

My child doesn’t have back pain, why do they need a chiropractor?

While chiropractic certainly helps with pain, kids come to our office for many more reasons. read more

As a result of our care, parents have seen their children sleep better, get sick less often, have better bowel movements, less anxiety, better focus in school…and much more.  We focus on growing your child’s overall health and see fantastic changes as a result.

My child is afraid to go to the doctor, what if I can’t get him in the car to come to you?

We find that many kids are scared to go to the doctor. read more

The good news…in our office nothing hurts!  Since we make visits fun, most children ask their parents when their next trip is and are excited for their adjustment.

My child is way too wild, how will you get him to sit still?

Our doctors are extremely patient when it comes to kids. read more

We take care of kids with extreme ADHD, with emotional melt-downs, and toddlers who are always on the go.  We have the skills and patience to assure your child gets the best care possible.

While we’re in the office, what will my children do…what if they cause a scene?

Luckily for you, we have lots of kids that come to our office. read more

We have plenty of toys, books, crayons, and stickers to keep your children busy while they’re here.  Our team stays friendly and cheerful whether it is a crying baby, a sibling who just got his toy stolen, or a child who decides it’s time for a melt-down.  Most parents have a bigger challenge getting their kids to leave than figuring out what to do when they’re here!

What can chiropractic do if my child is already healthy?

The same thing that a dentist can do when your teeth are doing well…keep them super healthy! read more

You will love knowing your child is growing and developing optimally through our care.

Will I have to spend my whole day at the office?

Are you tired of having to spend an hour or more every time you bring your child to the doctor or the therapist? read more

At WFC we focus on taking the exact amount of time your child needs to get the best care possible…no more and no less.  Because of our expert analysis, routine visits are often 10 minutes or less.

Is chiropractic expensive?

Regarding your child’s health, is your top priority to give your child:

  • the best quality health care, or
  • the cheapest?

While we pride ourselves first and foremost on the quality of our care, we also work hard to make care affordable for individuals and families.  read more

In fact, with our quality results, most parents find they save money through our care.  With fewer physician visits, many families’ medical bills go down (not to mention the time saved from late night trips to urgent care and missed days at work).  Most parents find the value of our care is a no-brainer compared to the cost.

Once my child starts going, will he have to keep going?

Many parents wonder if their child will become dependent on chiropractic and if he’ll have to keep going. read more

In our office, it is completely up to you how long you’d like your child to benefit from our care.  Many parents choose for their kids to continue because they see the ongoing benefits…not because they are dependent on it.  Just like going to the dentist, you can choose to go when you have a toothache, or you can go to prevent a toothache.  The choice is up to you!


Would you like your child to know what to expect when they arrive?  Share this storybook with them before you visit!

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