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Constipation and Digestive Struggles

Feel comfortable and digest smoothly.

“Before coming to Whole Family Chiropractic, I was struggling with a lot of fatigue. I showed up for school and work, but had no energy left for myself. Eventually I asked, ‘Why am I doing this?’ I felt sad that I couldn’t do anything except things for other people.

I also struggled with really bad digestion. I would have to go to the emergency room, but no one could help me.

On top of that, my hormones had been super bad. It was this cycle that I couldn’t break. I was tired and stressed and then the hormones just fed into it.

When I would go to the doctors, it felt like I wasn’t being seen and no one was really listening. They kept saying the same thing and offering the same medication, but they never had a reason for it. It felt like they weren’t open to anything other than meds. I am only 23 and didn’t want to start medication that I’d be taking the rest of my life.

At Whole Family Chiropractic I feel like I’m important and I’m valued. I feel supported in the ways that I need. I would recommend Whole Family Chiropractic because it is sustained health. Rather than sweeping something under the rug, I like that things are sustainable and personal and actually getting better.

My life is still very busy. But now I have more energy and I’m taking initiative on things I care about. I don’t feel like I’m alone, thinking health is hard, and wondering what to do. I feel the adjustments go hand-in-hand with my healthy choices.

When I realized things were actually working, it was crazy because I hadn’t felt that before. Even in the past when my menstruation was super messed up and I was on birth control…I “felt fine” but realized it’s not me, I wasn’t fine. I knew when I was off the birth control I’d be back to square one, probably even worse.

At Whole Family Chiropractic I feel like my body is actually changing, when nothing had worked before. I feel the healing is deep and sustainable, that it’s going to last.

What I like about coming here is that it is so welcoming. The first time I came here, I wasn’t even being adjusted, but I felt supported in being here. I feel supported, valued, and welcomed in a way that we’re going to work on things together!”

~Angel D, WFC Practice Member

Helping Constipation and Digestion Webinar (17 minutes)


Have you felt dismissed by your doctor or possibly given a diagnosis that doesn’t offer any solutions or answers? 

Constipation and digestive issues can be difficult to navigate.

You’ve tried every solution you’ve heard of… special diets, allergy & sensitivity testing, supplements, and more. 

We understand how it can feel overwhelming, stressed, and at a loss for how to help yourself feel better. 

Watch this webinar to understand more fully what may be going on and how to help. You’ll understand how digestion is supposed to work, and key factors that may be slowing your progress.

We’ll discuss:

  • The three layers of digestion and how to identify which layer is off
  • Cutting out foods and trying to find the culprit 
  • Which areas of the nervous system can be under stress, contributing to the problem
  • What to do to help

If you’re feeling alone as to what is going on and are at a loss on how to help, please watch! This webinar is designed to get you answers as to WHY you are struggling and WHAT you can do to HELP. 

You’re not alone in this. We are here to help!

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