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Helping Families Feel Welcomed

Helping Families Feel Welcomed!

Our office works with many families (over half of our practice includes entire families coming in together). Because of this, we know it can be a challenge… bringing your child to new places… getting out of the door… if your child acts out… if your baby is crying. We want to reassure you at Whole Family Chiropractic, it is okay!

You are welcomed (and we still want you to come in), even if…

  • You have to show up a little later than scheduled because your child had a blow out diaper, hard time getting out of the car, or a meltdown. There may be a little wait, but our schedule allows you to still come in and be taken care of. We also have a nursing and diaper station in the office.
  • Your child is crying in the office or is being rowdy. We understand and since most of our practice members are parents, they understand too. We can offer a private room so they still let their energy out.
  • Your child is spirited or rambunctious and “won’t” sit still. Our doctors are extremely adaptive when it comes to kids. We take care of kids with extreme ADHD, emotional meltdowns, and toddlers who are always on the go. Our doctors are very good at connecting with your kiddos gaining their trust and helping them feel comfortable with getting adjusted.

Typical visit expectations…

  • You will be greeted when you and your child come in the door.
  • You will be directed to an open table after you check in.
  • We make every visit fun and find that as kiddos become more familiar with us, they are more excited to come in.
  • Bring a sibling… bring a toy… there are plenty of hands to hold a baby and eyes to keep on kiddos while face down getting adjusted.
  • Our trained doctors will give an adjustment based on individualized needs at that time.
  • Your child can stop at the front desk to pick out a sticker for doing such a great job during their adjustment!