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Movement connects our minds and our bodies.  It allows our minds and bodies to work as one for optimal health and optimal experience of life.  By keeping our physical bodies tuned up and working well, we are able to live life to its fullest.  At Whole Family Chiropractic we teach the Three C’s of movement – Connection, Challenge, and Consciousness.  We believe movement should always be focused on these three criteria.

Connection is about full-body movements.  Movements that simulate what you do during your day.  It is not often that you have your entire body isolated while only one part of it moves.  Instead daily movements include bending, twisting, turning…using the upper and lower body together.  Connection recognizes the fact that the limbs of a tree are only as strong as the trunk.  We therefore recommend activities that always connect the body to its core.

Challenge is about pushing yourself both physically and mentally.  Our bodies are designed to have bursts of high intensity activity.

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Not only does this lead to building muscle and burning fat, but it provides fantastic conditioning for the heart and lungs.  In addition, challenge is about variety and new activities…giving your brain something new to process.  Our brains and our bodies are made to learn new things and challenge provides that opportunity.

Consciousness recognizes that for optimal health our minds and bodies must be working together.  When they are, we can feel balanced and harmonized.  Doing mindless movement is one way to lose this connection.  Running on the treadmill while watching TV is a perfect example…yes we’re “exercising” but we’re not really connected to how that exercise is affecting our bodies.  Activities that “force” consciousness create the ability to be completely present in the moment.  Think of someone walking along a tightrope…there is no room for distraction.  Complete mindfulness and focus is the only way to make it from one side to the other.