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Thoughts & Beliefs




The results we have in our life and in our health are a direct outcome of our actions.  Our actions are dictated by our thoughts and beliefs.  Therefore it is crucial that our thoughts and beliefs are congruent with the results we want for our health and our life.

With the amount of stresses we are bombarded with on a daily basis it is easy for our thoughts to spiral in a negative direction.  In order to keep our thoughts in alignment with what we desire and to spiral us in a positive direction at Whole Family Chiropractic we recommend the 3 R’s.

Relax means spend some time every day without the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.  Meditation is an excellent way to do so.

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Reframe gives people the tools to recognize that when there is negative there is positive as well.  Many times our emotions cause us to perceive things as one-sided – either really good or really bad.  We then disregard the other side of the situation.

While Relax and Reframe help to keep our stress levels down and to identify the thoughts and beliefs that are consistently in our heads, sometimes we just need to let it all out and start fresh.  This is where Release comes into play.  Release is about letting go of the built up things that no longer serve us.