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Poor Sleep

Help your child fall asleep and stay asleep so they get the rest they need.

Alina, the eldest, had always sleepwalked.  “Now she sleeps steady through the night without waking up,” Mom says.

Little Keasley, whose “body was always running 500 miles an hour,” had always had a hard time falling asleep.  Now she sleeps at night and is calm by day.

~Tiffany O. shared about her kiddos


“She wasn’t sleeping so well. She would wake up multiple times a night, crying.

During the first month, she started to become less congested, and she started to sleep better. Over a few weeks, she seemed calmer after adjustments too. Now she doesn’t tug her ears at night, sleeps through the night, and seems like she is in a calmer mood. 

The adjustments not only helped her ear infections, but also with digestion, teething and sleep-regressions.”

~Gabbie for her daughter Lucinda


Activating Your Nervous System for Better Sleep (10 minutes)

We know how frustrating it is when your child isn’t sleeping well. Not only is it tough on them, but it’s tough on you too. Poor sleep in children is difficult to navigate. You don’t understand why your kiddo isn’t sleeping like they’re supposed to and you don’t know how you can help them! 

We know that sleep should come easy for children. After all, it is what their body is designed to do! You may have even been told, “They’ll outgrow it…” but your gut instincts may be telling you that something is off.

Parents, we understand just how hard it is to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and at a loss for how to help them sleep. We know as a parent your sleep is so important too, and if your little one isn’t sleeping, that means you’re not sleeping either!  We want to help you!

Watch this webinar to understand your child more fully and learn how to help. You’ll understand what stresses your kiddo may have experienced that can be preventing them from sleeping soundly, and more importantly what can be done to get them sleeping again.

If you’re feeling alone as to what is going on with your child and are at a loss on how to help them sleep well, please watch! We want to help you get you answers as to WHY your kiddo is struggling and WHAT you can do to HELP them. 

Parents, you’re not alone in this. We are here to help!

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