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Help for Headaches in Children

Help your child’s head feel good so they can get back to being a kid!

“We made the decision to try WFC because my son suffered from chronic headaches. They were becoming increasingly concerning and more frequent despite our thinking we had the contributing factors figured out. WFC presented us with a plan, after our scans, that we were willing to try. Having dealt with headaches myself, I was slightly skeptical but hopeful.

We saw noticeable improvement immediately. My son went from having weekly headaches, to now having only had four in the past 8 months! Additionally, he feels better overall and is always happy to come to WFC. He actually misses it when we have a week or two off. Next on my list is signing myself up!”

~Sarah O. (for her son William)

“Our son used to have daily tantrums that could last over an hour, destructive behavior, and hyperactivity.  He also struggled with stomach aches and headaches…  We were all on edge, never sure if we were going to have a good day or a hard day.  Now, our son’s mood has become much calmer and less aggressive.  I can see his fun and sweet personality shine brighter everyday.  He has greater coping skills and has become more independent.  Even his teacher remarked on the improvement she sees in him!  He rarely gets stomach aches or headaches anymore.  We are all happier and enjoy our time together so much more.  Thank you WFC!”

~ Mary S.M. (for her son Jack)

“My son was suffering from frequent headaches and hasn’t had one since he started care here.”

~WFC Parent

Help for Headaches and Migraines (6 minutes)

We know it’s no fun to see your kiddo struggling with headaches. As a parent, your heart goes out to them and all you want to do is help. It’s heartbreaking to see them hurting, and sad to see them missing out on all the fun activities their other friends are doing.

We have talked with so many families who are walking a mile in your exact shoes. You just want your kid to be able to be a kid!

Our goal is to help you understand not only how to help your child, but to make sure they consistently feel good. We want you (and your kiddo) to no longer worry about headaches popping up and ruining their day.

Parents, you’re not alone in this. We’re here to help you get answers as to WHY your child is struggling and WHAT you can do to HELP them feel good & get back to being a kid!

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