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Are my toddler’s meltdowns appropriate? (Or from Sensory Processing Issues)

When your toddler has a meltdown, have you ever thought…

β˜‘ Wow, that seems like a big reaction for something so little! 🀯

β˜‘ I know kids have feelings, but why does everything need to cause such BIG feelings πŸ’£

β˜‘ It seems like my kiddo has tantrums that last way longer than they should ⏰

β˜‘ I can’t get through to him no matter how hard I try 😣

If so, this video helps you uncover what is developmentally “normal” for a kiddo, and when their nervous system may be overwhelmed & dysregulated due to a sensory issue. Dr. Tye also shares what to do based on your child’s unique situation.


For more info on helping sensory issues with neurologically based chiropractic, go to this part of our website:

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)


For more info on parent coaching:


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