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As a parent, it was frustrating to be in pain when I would pick up my kids… With care at WFC I finally felt relief

“Since the age of 18 (so for nearly 20 years), Ive simply lived with chronic neck and upper back soreness and stiffness. Multiple times a day Id have my neck and upper back feeling ‘stuck.’  When Id try to crack my neck, perhaps get some sense of relief, then I’d feel the sensation that I needed to crack it again just a couple of hours later.  Rinse and repeat.

After a herniated disc injury, I finally sought more traditional chiropractic care hoping that therapy for the injury would also help overall spinal alignment and address the issues I had with upper back and neck.

I would enter each of these traditional chiropractic visits significantly out of alignment, causing my body to make a series of compensations to account for the imbalances. I’d get adjusted, and within a few days feel that stiffness creep back in.  By the time Id make a return visit to the chiropractor 2, 3, or 4 weeks later, it was as if my body had reset back to that same misaligned state.

Ive also tried physical therapy through back and neck specialists.  As someone who stays in good physical condition, I entered these therapy programs already at or above the strength thresholds the specialists were looking for.  Wed complete the therapy programs, maybe gain a little strength, and be on my way with no change in my discomfort.  Ultimately, strength conditioning was not the solution.

As the parent of two young children, whenever the soreness and stiffness would flare up into something more intense, I felt frustrated with having pain when I’d pick up my kids.

With care at WFC I finally felt relief.  It snuck up on me because the approach at WFC is subtle.  The quick fix using other methods may have given the immediate sense of things feeling better, but for me, that feeling didnt last.

I didnt notice the tension in my neck and back lessen right away.  Rather, I noticed that at each return visit my alignment was better each time and my body wasnt resetting” back to where it had been for the last 20 years.  After a few weeks of alignment staying where it should be, the tension in my neck and back faded and that stuck” feeling that Id get daily was gone.  I used to stand in front of a mirror and see that standing up straight” meant my head was slightly tilted, and my shoulders and hips werent level (off by nearly an inch!). Now I stand in the mirror and standing up straight actually looks like Im standing up straight!

Bonus benefits – digestion has improved and immune system seems to be stronger.  I am not one to get sick often, but even a common cold that once would take a week or more to recover from, now seems to take 3-5 days to get through.

I am still working through the therapy to help with recurring stiffness in my beck and back, but its far less intense and doesnt cause the discomfort it used to.  Im confident that well reach that final point of success, but working through 20 years of nervous system, muscular, and skeletal memory takes a little time.

Care at WFC is warm and inviting, and I feel like their approach is the most comprehensive that Ive encountered. Everyone Ive worked with to find a solution has given the sense that they wanted to help, but WFC has an innovative approach that is looking for the root cause.

I think traditional chiropractic therapy is a tool that can work for some, depending on the issues being addressed. What makes WFC unique and special is their holistic, comprehensive approach in understanding the nervous systems immense influence on how efficiently the body is functioning.”


~Paul M. – WFC practice member

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