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Better crawling, deeper sleep, and better mood!

“Initially I brought my daughter to Whole Family Chiropractic because I had some concerns of crawling. Tessa was 8-9 months and wasn’t showing signs of even trying. She would do tummy time and try to push up, but showed low muscle tone and low strength. She just wasn’t progressing – it was the same thing week after week.

Also, I had concerns with sleeping, as she had very frequent waking. Lastly, she was fussy all the time. Especially since she wasn’t crawling, she wanted me to always carry her around.

I was frustrated because I wanted to be doing more for her. I thought, ‘There has to be something I could be doing.’ We had done craniosacral therapy and they referred us here. It was wonderful to have another tool in the toolbox to be able to help her.

As we started with care we noticed huge improvements in Tessa being more content. Especially after we started coming regularly. We had a very smooth transition of gross motor skills, and the signs of weakness that I was seeing almost vanished.

Also, every time she’d be adjusted I noticed she’d eat really well after adjustments. Since she is a petite kid, it was stress off my shoulders knowing that we’re doing everything we can to help her gain weight. When we go for weigh-ins at the pediatrician, I can tell them she is eating great.

When I knew things were working it felt really wonderful. Rather than being frustrated and seeing her being frustrated, we had something else that we can do to help her. Before, it was tough to see her mood go from zero to sixty and start crying. For example, she’d be in the car and it was 0-100 in a matter of seconds. Now I can tell she’s able to bring herself back down better…she’s using her “brakes” better.

I recommend WFC because it is a really wonderful homey atmosphere. People recognize you when you walk in the door. Everyone is understanding of your concerns, and you feel listened to (without being interrupted). And the results speak for themselves.

Because the adjustments are giving incredible results, now Tessa is a much more happy, mobile little toddler. It’s helped because when baby is happy…then mom is happy…then dad is happy…then big sister is happy. So it’s helped with the well-being of everybody!”

~ Michele for her daughter Tessa (9 months old when started care at WFC)

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