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Crucial Insights Parents Deserve to Know About Torticollis

With the rapid and significant rise 📈 in birth interventions and birth trauma, we see more and more cases of torticollis each and every year.
But did you know that countless cases of torticollis can be completely missed by the standard pediatrician?!
Mild to moderate cases of this common infant 👶 condition are not super easy to spot, but even the most minor challenges can show up big time later in life by altering the child’s motor milestones, 🏃‍♂️ neurological function, 🧠 and overall development. 💪
Be sure to watch this informative video 🎥 from Dr. Tye Moe as he takes us through the crucial things all parents deserve to know about torticollis. To not only understand why your kiddo has this challenge, but more importantly what you can do to help.
If your Mom or Dad gut is telling you there is more going on than your pediatrician or therapist can fully explain and address, then Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care is here for your baby. We’re ready to help dive deeper and find the root cause of addressing the challenges of torticollis!
If you want to learn more, please watch Dr. Tye’s 18 minute webinar on torticollis where he does a deep dive into how the nervous system is often critical for getting results with your kiddo:

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