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Experience and Solutions to Solve the Tongue Tie Puzzle 🧩

Hey there, moms! We know how important your baby’s health is to you, and one topic that’s been making waves lately is tongue ties. 🗣️ It’s been blamed for a whole range of pediatric health issues, leaving many of you with questions and concerns.

In this video 🎥, Dr. Tye dives deep into the reason behind tongue ties, going beyond just the challenges they can bring to breastfeeding, speech, and neurodevelopment. 🧠 We’re here to uncover why we’re seeing so many cases today and get to the root cause of all the trouble. 🤔

If you’re a parent wondering if your baby has a tongue tie, or if you suspect it’s the reason for their struggles with latching, uncomfortable nursing, gaining weight, colic, reflux, and overall comfort, this video is for you! We’ve got you covered. 💪 You’re not alone in this journey, and we’re here to support you every step of the way! 💖

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