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From Chronic Pain to Feeling Less Stressed

“I can remember in college, I bit into an apple and my jaw hurt. The pain got really intense and soon it was hard to eat, have long conversations, sing, or even read books to my kids for a long period of time. It got to the point where I’m like, ‘I can’t read anymore, I’m sorry.’ It was just really intense jaw pain. I didn’t even know where to go for this — I wasn’t sure if it was a dentist thing.

It seems like something so small, but it affected so many parts of my life. I didn’t have any good coping methods other than to just stop eating, singing, and reading when I felt pain. I would even have to take a break from talking to rest and get relief. It was a difficult thing to go through and I felt a lot of frustration. It was hard to tell my kids I can’t keep reading or participating when it was something that I wanted to do. I would have loved to keep reading to them, but having that pain made it tough.

I now know that I hold stress in my jaw, but I didn’t know that at the time. So having the jaw pain just made me more stressed, which instantly made it worse. Now add on not knowing what to do about it… it was a vicious cycle. Eventually, it got to the point where I was ready to do something about it.

I’m really glad my mom suggested I start care at Whole Family Chiropractic. We figured that it couldn’t hurt. I didn’t know if it would help having chiropractic care for my jaw, but I noticed things over time. I remember eating and thinking, “Oh, that doesn’t really hurt,” or “Oh, I can read more now.” And with the care here, the focus on how stress affects our bodies, it helped me pay attention to when I was feeling stressed.

It’s really nice to not even think about jaw pain anymore. There are other things that make my jaw feel pain, but the care here has helped my body figure out what to do to help fix it. It’s really interesting seeing how my body has figured out what it needs to do to work through things going on in my body.

It’s lovely to be able to say more. I am able to talk to people and not feel held back. Now I feel overall peace, contentment, just less stressed. I’m grateful to live life without being focused on this kind of chronic pain.

I love the care here at WFC and I love that it’s teaching our bodies to heal themselves. They teach me how to be conscious of when I’m stressed; how I’m handling it and where I’m feeling it in my body. I love coming here and having care that figures out what I’m dealing with.

I highly recommend that people come to Whole Family Chiropractic. There may be things that you’re dealing with that you just have no idea about.”

~Sydney O. – WFC Practice Member

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