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Have the Pregnancy You Want With Neurological Chiropractic

“With pregnancy, as my baby was growing, I started to experience back pain and trouble sleeping at night. I was starting to feel misaligned, and as Finnegan was getting bigger it was taking a toll on my body.

Once I started chiropractic care, to put it in simple terms, I didn’t feel pregnant! When people talk about pregnancy and the problems that come with it, I was able to continue to feel like myself.

The best part is that I was able to get adjusted during labor. My husband and I were planning to have a med-free & low intervention birth. However, when I was in labor, I hit a wall. I was tired, exhausted, and didn’t have food. I was really having a rough time and was in the “fear-pain cycle.” I was afraid – and that was causing more pain – and the pain was making me more afraid. It was not where I wanted to be.

Fortunately, after being adjusted during labor, it was a night and day difference. Within 5 minutes of being adjusted, it took me out of that fear-pain cycle. I was then able to move forward, get some rest, and have the med-free birth that we wanted. I can honestly say that adjustment saved my labor and allowed us to have the birth we wanted. Without it I’m not sure where it would have gone.

Since birth obviously takes a toll on the body, after delivery, chiropractic helped me re-ground, center and align my body. It really helped with the healing process.

The most special part of Whole Family Chiropractic is definitely how personable everyone is. It was the first time I received care with a health care professional that was so personable. We could tell they really, truly care.

To someone who is pregnant and considering chiropractic – it’s one of the most important parts of your prenatal care! There is a misconception that if you don’t feel bad you don’t need it. Even if you’re not feeling symptoms or feeling bad, it doesn’t mean there aren’t things going on in your body. If you do feel things, it means you’ve likely been dealing with issues internally for awhile.

It does so much not only for your physical body, but making sure that you’re aligned for birth. That’s something you don’t want to wait until you’re 36 weeks pregnant and maybe the baby is breech and you’re trying to turn him. Chiropractic helps make sure everything is well aligned and baby can continue to grow healthy.

For pregnant women out there – trust the body’s ability to heal! Chiropractic care is the key to turn that on and to get your body in the state for healing!”

~Alyssa S. (Proud new mom of Finnegan)

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