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How to help Sensory Processing Overwhelm

Living with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) can be challenging for the whole family – from going out to summer festivities to neighborhood gatherings. These sensory sensitivities or sensory seeking symptoms the brain 🧠 is processing can be difficult to understand, but there’s help available. ⬇️

To address the root cause we have to look at the Central Nervous System and measure how the brain 🧠 is affected by the input it is receiving. With SPD the brain processing of sensory information is mostly impacted by difficulties in filtering and responding effectively to the input and output of stimuli it is receiving.

Put simply – Too much noise 💥 in = Too much noise 🎧 out

In this video 🎥 Dr. Tye Moe will talk through the neurologically based measurement 📊 used to access and quantify sensory struggles with kids and walk through how neurologically-focused chiropractic care can offer a drug-free option to address the root causes of SPD. 🌟

By improving neurological function, helping the vagus nerve, and regulating the nervous system to better handle what is overwhelming it, the brain’s sensory system can handle those sensitivities better, including those summer festivities you haven’t yet been able to enjoy as a family. 💪

To learn more about sensory seeking and proprioception watch this video next:

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