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The ADHD School Survival Guide: Navigating Struggles with Confidence

Parenting a child with ADHD can be both rewarding and challenging. You’re witnessing their boundless energy, creativity, and unique perspective on the world, 🤩 but you’re also familiar with the hurdles they face in school. 😣 In our latest video, Dr. Tye Moe dives deep into the emotional journey parents of kids with ADHD navigate … Read more

Empowering ADHD Learners: Navigating School Challenges with Confidence

If your child is facing the challenges of ADHD-related behavior and school difficulties, you’re not alone. The early months of the school year can be incredibly tough for families dealing with ADHD. Establishing routines, completing homework, staying focused, and managing behavior can be daunting. With the added temptations of holiday treats and festivities, this time … Read more