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Why is your child’s Vagus Nerve so important for their health?

The Vagus Nerve 🧠 is all the craze right now! Any search on google will generate 1,000,000’s of hits with life and “health hacks” galore 🙌. With all the research 📝, bio hacking and natural science 🧬 that has been reported lately, it’s cool to hear about a part of our nervous system 🧠 that can have such an amazing impact on our health and adaptability 💪…

But did you also know the Vagus Nerve 🧠 is VERY important for our kid’s development 👶, behavior 😡 and even sensory 🥺 comfortability? In this video Dr. Tye Moe digs into the science of an active 💪Vagus Nerve and a Vagus Nerve that is “turned down.” ⬇️

Plus – applying this Vagus “fine tuning” has never been easier! Check out this in-depth look at how the Vagus Nerve 🧠 works and HOW it gets stuck and “turned down.” ⬇️ In the first place.


After watching the video, read this blog for more:

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