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Addressing Motor Tics In Children – Video Explanation

Parents, are you absolutely confused and exhausted searching for answers for your child’s motor tics? 🤔

The neurology + science behind motor tics is both complex, yet simple. Traditional medicine offers little answers or explanations, and the medications they use to treat motor tics are filled with nasty and unwanted side effects. ❌💊

But when your child’s tics keep getting worse every time they get stressed out, hit a growth spurt, get sick, or go through a seasonal change… you end up at your wit’s end. 😮‍💨

In this wildly informative and impactful video 🎥 from Dr. Tye Moe, you’ll learn what’s really going on with motor tics, and exactly how excessive tension + stress built up and stuck within the NeuroSpinal System could be what’s behind them.

And most importantly, you’ll learn how to find it, address it, and get this stress + tension off your child’s nervous system 🧠 through natural, drug-free action steps that you’ve been searching for all along! 🙌

For more information, visit www.healthyfamilymn.com and share this video with a friend! If you have any questions, feel free to message us! Our team wants what is best for you and your family, and won’t stop until you find the answers you’ve been looking for! ♥️


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