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ADHD Help – Happier, Calmer and Eating More

“Carl has ADHD which we’ve been managing with medication (Vyvanse).  We were worried because it has prevented him from eating and we’ve had concerns about his growth.  Also, he would have a major meltdown when coming off the med after school.  

We were looking for ways to combat his impulsivity and inability to sit still.  He was touching people & siblings and saying things out of turn.  Getting ready in the morning was one of the biggest challenges we faced.  He also had a hard time calming himself and communicating his problems.  He was doing okay at school with his medication, but we wanted to see if he could do well without it.

As we’ve started chiropractic, I’ve noticed he has more ease in getting over his melt-downs.  He is happier and more talkative overall.  We are seeing fewer meltdowns, and if he has them they are shorter.  He can recuperate a lot quicker than he used to, even than when he was on the meds.  Also, chiropractic is lasting longer than the meds.  The meds only lasted a few hours and coming off it was always tough.  He is eating more too.

One example is from our recent family trip – it was a long-day, it was hot, we had gone to the Statue of Liberty, and we were on the ferry.  I moved him quickly to let someone else sit next to us.  Initially he was mad and yelled, but then he was able to explain why he was mad and to calm himself down.  My sister-in-law noticed how he was able to express himself and calm himself more quickly.

I like the approach that Whole Family Chiropractic takes in finding ways to help without medication.  And Carl enjoys it, he likes coming, and he likes the way it makes him feel.  With the scans we can see the progress.  We also enjoy the one-on-one time we receive to understand the scans and what is going on in his body.

I also like that we’ve established a goal and feel like we’re all working toward it as a team.  We’re all in it together and we all know what’s best for Carl!”

~Therese S. with Carl’s help 🙂

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