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Help for Stress, Anxiety, Migraines – Amy’s Story

I used to wake up with a lot of back pain and being that I am only 26 years old I feared about having to live with this the rest of my life because I didn’t know what it was from. I would stretch, go to yoga and go for walks but none of that was helping me. I also use to get a lot of migraines, too many a month to even keep track of. I was frustrated all the time because I would drink a bunch of water, eat healthy food and get lots of sleep but still my migraines would come so often. When I would have migraines it limited me from doing the things I wanted. I would have to leave family gatherings early if I got them because it would be so bad. Even driving home with the migraine would be scary because my vision with lights would be so intense and it didn’t feel safe driving. I would have to go into a room and turn the lights off to wait for it to pass.

I also used to work at a very stressful job a couple of years ago and it gave me a lot of anxiety. I would even throw up due to the anxiety. I was put on medicine for this but it wasn’t helping me. I later realized that my stomach wasn’t having the problems; it was my brain trying to tell me that I’m not okay. I just didn’t know how to put that together before coming to Whole Family Chiropractic.

I never wanted to go to a chiropractor who “cracks” your bones but I did one time and it was really painful for me, so then I was thinking to myself “well now what do I do?” That’s when I got referred to Whole Family Chiropractic. When I started coming to Whole Family Chiropractic I was able to connect everything that was going on and it just made sense. Then seeing the care at Whole Family Chiropractic actually work for me was insane. I was very fortunate and my body responded really well and I could feel the benefits within a couple of weeks. They helped connect my mind and body, which allowed me to understand myself.

I no longer wake up with back pain anymore and I don’t have to worry about what position I’m sleeping in either. My migraines have also pretty much stopped. Another huge piece for me was helping with mental health. I’m always struggling with mental health and I think everyone probably is but no one wants to talk about it. I’m now more aware of what is going on and what impact different things will have on me. I feel so free.

The environment in the office is a breathe of fresh air. The family aspect is one of my favorite parts of the office. It awesome to see kids getting care because I wish I could have started when I was a kid. Those kids are going to be amazing people in society because they are being taught to be mindful and understand their body by their parents and everyone here at such a young age.”

~Amy G.

WFC Practice Member

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