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Improved skin and eczema!

Amelia Z
My daughter has suffered from fairly severe eczema (and more recently, related allergies) since she was about 12 months old. She has had extremely itchy skin, which has been incredibly disruptive to her life and has been very difficult to watch as a parent.

After hearing about the benefit of chiropractic for children with eczema, I found Whole Family Chiropractic. After just a short time with them, I can say that we are seeing results. The way Amelia’s skin is reacting after chiropractic is similar to how it reacted when we found a cream treatment that worked for her. So I know that things are on their way to improving significantly. Her face is less puffy every day, and her mood is improving, along with her sleep and immune system.

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with how good EVERYONE is with kids at the office. My daughter likes to know what’s going on and decide how things will be, and Dr. Tye has been a lifesaver with her. He is so patient with her personality, especially when she’s having a rough three year old day. We have also come in on an afternoon where we were mid-meltdown, and I had both the three year old and my infant son with me. Brittany noticed right away that it wasn’t a good afternoon, and offered us the private room for our adjustment that day. It meant so much to me that she could see what we needed and offer it before I could even ask. I know that my kids are in the best hands here.

I would recommend that anyone who is nervous about or wary about the lack of measurement with “typical” chiropractic to come here. The tangible measurements make it easy to see what your body is doing and how it responds to adjustments. I also 100% recommend bringing your kids here, without question they are the best.

~Erin Z.

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