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Grow Healthy Together with our Family Wellness Week!

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Have you wanted your family to experience the same benefits you or your child have had?

Would you like to save money on your family medical bills?

We are offering complimentary scans and evaluations for all family members within your household. If you’ve had all the other checkups for your family – eyes, heart, lungs, teeth…but never had their nervous system checked, now is the time.

How it Works:
Schedule an appointment for a family member who is not under care from June 18th-21st, and that family member’s scans are on us! We are offering this service as a complimentary bonus to those already under care, to help you grow healthy together.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Schedule today by calling 651-789-0033 or emailing feelawesome@healthyfamilymn.com


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These scans are an example of an 8 year old boy. His brother was already under care and mom wanted to make sure he was doing well. His mom didn’t have any specific concerns for him, but decided to have his nervous system checked just to make sure.

Fortunately she did…as you can see on his “BEFORE” scan, his body had a lot of internal nerve disturbance. We were able to address things early and prevent them from developing into bigger problems down the road, like had happened with his brother.


What if you had peace of mind knowing what is happening inside your child’s body?


Schedule today by calling 651-789-0033 or emailing feelawesome@healthyfamilymn.com

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