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Fewer Ear Infections and Improved Sleep



Before receiving care at Whole Family Chiropractic, it seemed as though my baby was always sick. She had multiple ear infections, colds, and many times the medication she was prescribed led to other issues.

Since starting care with WFC, this is the longest stretch of time that she has not been sick.  Also, her appetite has increased and she sleeps better through the night.

The most special part about my daughter’s care at Whole Family is how personable, caring, and genuine all the staff is. They really care about you. Also I love how kid friendly it is!

At WFC, they really are honest, they care, and they opened my eyes to more natural ways of our body healing. I feel comfortable asking Dr. Tye questions and trust his opinion. Whenever we have another baby, I will definitely be bringing the baby in days old!

~ Jaralyn R. (Jayla’s mom)

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