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I can breathe, move and run without pain

“I have always been health conscious, natural vs. drugs, and even as a child I never liked to take medication. I’ve had issues with asthma since I was 3-years-old, and allergies as I was growing up. I had a neck injury when I was about 9-years-old and walked with my head tilted for many years, until a chiropractor in Sweden asked what was wrong and started to correct it.

The asthma was a life-threatening issue, and doctors didn’t want me to be part of anything that could strain the lungs. No gym, running, or other activities that would make it harder on the body. They suggested surgery for my neck injury, or Bell’s Palsy. I don’t believe you should go for the scalpel until you first exhaust other alternatives. Only one time did a doctor say, ‘Awesome that you try different things.’

WFC’s approach is different from any other chiropractic care I have done; they focus on the nerves instead of tissue or bone. I found it interesting that it works, gently touching specific areas on the body to send signals to correct for its behavior. I believe in healthier living such as going to a chiropractor before you have an injury for preventative care. There are so many ‘hidden’ issues your body is battling every day that having consistent chiropractic care is essential to me.

I can’t imagine what my life would be without chiropractic care; unnecessary surgeries, medication, drugs, pain, and suffering. My life is better in so many aspects; to be able to breathe, to move and run without pain, the amounts of looming medical costs that I know some of my friends have. My goal is to be a healthy great-grandfather. My wife’s MS condition is held off without medications, that in itself is priceless.

I moved to Saint Paul in December 2014 and I was recommended to go to WFC. I feel that the most special thing about them is their staff. The doctors’ experience and attitude, the whole staff, and their friendliness and accommodation to my very difficult schedule. I’m always met by a smile and my name. They are willing to work on what you need and your schedule. Highly recommend WFC!”

~Robert S. – WFC Practice Member

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