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Key Tips for Airplane Travel With Your Little One

We’ll continue our Traveling with Babies and Toddlers blog by discussing the actual flight – what to expect and suggestions for keeping baby happy and mom and dad sane.  (If you missed our first blog on Preparing for the Flight click here.)

Happy mother and baby sitting together in airplane cabin near window

Once You’re On the Plane

Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back – you made it on the plane! Now it’s time to get situated!

    • You are not allowed to have your baby in a carrier during take-off or landing. However, once you are airborne, you are welcome to put them back in the carrier. Our son took the best naps this way, and Mom or Dad can be hands free while baby sleeps!
    • You’ve probably heard that sucking/swallowing can help prevent a baby from experiencing ear discomfort during the ascent and descent. Breastfeeding is certainly the most convenient way to offer this support during take-off, but a well-timed bottle, pacifier, beverage (preferably with a straw, which gives your baby the benefits of sucking and swallowing), or – as babies get a little older – chewing or a crunchy snack can help with this.
  • Key Tip:
        • If you are going to nurse or give a bottle during take-off, try not to jump the gun! Remember that the time between the crew announcing your departure and once your plane actually takes off can be quite lengthy, considering taxiing, waiting in line on the runway, and other unforeseen delays. You don’t want your baby to be done with their “meal” before you actually ascend … again, speaking from personal experience!


    • Obviously, packing a few age-appropriate toys can help pass the flight time and keep your baby content. Consider bringing a few comfort items (i.e. Lovey, blanket, etc.), especially if you hope your baby will nap on the plane. You may want to bring a “back-up version” of these items, though, in case they are dropped on the floor, spit up on, etc. and need to be washed before bedtime.
    • Most importantly (but perhaps most difficult), try to relax and not stress too much. Airplanes bless us with a loud, steady hum of the engine, creating white noise and drowning out a lot of other noises – including squawks and cries from your baby. And, rest assured, if your baby cries – or even screams – they will not be the first or the last. Most people are very understanding, even if it might not feel that way.

Once you arrive at your destination (and you will, contrary to how it might feel when you’re mid-flight and you and/or baby are getting antsy) celebrate your accomplishment and enjoy your travels!

Remember that getting a chiropractic adjustment before your travels is a great way to boost your child’s immune system and help prevent them from getting sick just before or during your travels. Plus it helps assure they will be as comfortable as possible during their flight!

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Guest Blog Written By:

Happy Family Mother and OT Senia Lee

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