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More relaxed, Clear Headed, and Better Mood

I hold a lot of my stresses in my upper body. I’ve had tics my whole life and my body felt like it needed to release energy, but I was tensing up because I was stressed. It created this really uncomfortable uneasiness. Then I met Dr. Tye at a networking event and he said I should come try it out, so I did. I’ve been coming in ever since.

Before starting care here, I would try to release my energy by working out, which is obviously important, but I would always be trying to crack my own body because I always felt out of whack. Since coming in to WFC and having my body more in alignment, I don’t need to correct my own body anymore. It’s not nearly as bad as it once was. And it was bad — I would sit at my desk with so much discomfort throughout my body. After the first day, I could feel a shift. I was skeptical at first, but it 100% works. It gives me that clear head and brings me back to neutral when I get thrown off throughout the week. It’s a different kind of chiropractic care; it’s gentler and holistic.

Now, I feel more relaxed and more in line with my body. My mood has improved as well. Dr. Tye always has great suggestions and new tips to help with my stress. I still implement things he told me over five years ago. Being able to reset myself once a week has been really nice. The care plan keeps me accountable and consistent.

As I continued with care, life got more hectic now than it ever was five years ago. I have more things coming at me now as a dad that affect my everyday life. The care here keeps me grounded and keeps me neutral. It keeps my body in check so that I’m not drifting too far away.

I’ve been coming here for 12 years and I’ve never once ever thought of needing to go anywhere else. I think it’s the experience provided here at WFC and knowing they do help; that I have my bases covered. The most special part? I would say all the smiling faces around this place.”

~Dan S. – WFC Practice Member

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