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Nursing with ease and less reflux!


Five month old, Kendra, has been adjusted at Whole Family Chiropractic by Dr. Tye and Dr. Chelsey almost every week of her life!  Kendra’s older sister, Carly, started getting adjustments at 6 months of age, so I have been able to notice the benefits of Kendra receiving chiropractic care since the start of her life.

Around 2 months, Kendra and I started having breastfeeding issues.  She would refuse to eat mostly from my right side. Specific adjustments to help my body boost my milk supply as well as adjustments to help Kendra be able to feed with ease from both sides got us back on track.

During this same period Kendra had a bad episode of re-flux, which caused her to choke and not be able to breathe. I was super thankful to bring her to WFC to help get her back on the right track to good health after such a traumatic incident. I also felt less stressed after the incident occurred knowing that Kendra’s adjustments would minimize her re-flux that she had!

Around 4 months Kendra started to refuse to eat again. This time the side didn’t matter. After having a rough weekend of feedings, I brought Kendra in for her next adjustment. Once I got her home, I was amazed again when we fell back into sync with breastfeeding!

Now at 5 months old, I feel we are past our breastfeeding issues and I have even noticed Kendra seems to only be mildly affected when she gets a cold at daycare during cold season.  Her daycare provider even commented on how happy she was the day she came in after her adjustment.

I bring Kendra and Carly in to get their adjustments weekly knowing they are getting the best care, helping keep their developing immune system function at its greatest potential and starting out their life on a healthy path.

I am so thankful to be able to bring my girls in to see Dr. Tye and Dr. Chelsey and keep them on a road to good health and development.

Thank you WFC!!


-Ashly S.


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