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Our Biggest News Yet! (x2)


Are you wondering why Dr. Chelsey and Brittany are pointing at each other’s bellies?  You guessed it…not only is there a baby in one of those bellies, but there is a baby in both of them!!  The next time you are in, please congratulate BOTH Dr. Chelsey and Brittany as they are each expecting a new baby this summer!

Luckily both are under fantastic chiropractic care, so they are expecting not only healthy babies, but super healthy pregnancies as well!  Read below for an update from Brittany and to meet her husband, Heath.



“Pregnancy has started out really exciting!  Heath and I found out that I was pregnant in early November and are really excited to be parents.  Since we found out, I have tried to get adjusted at least two times a week to keep my body strong with all the changes that are happening.

My trip to South Africa was AWESOME!  I got to relax enjoy the summer sun and take in the much needed vitamin D.  The hardest part of the trip was some morning sickness kicked in that week with all the flights, new places, new foods, and new smells.  Staying hydrated and eating little bits at a time was key to keeping the nausea at bay.  Not getting adjusted for almost two weeks really showed especially on the flight home.  With being confined to a airplane seat for 16+ hours straight, I just wanted it to be over and GET AN ADJUSTMENT!

Getting adjusted after we got home really helped my body find the calm it had been yearning for while we were away.  I have also started to get back to where I do not have those typical pregnancy symptoms (back pain, morning sickness, joint pain, weird cravings).  Now that the holidays are almost over I can get back on my regular routine of getting adjusted frequently and it has really made all the difference in the world for me during pregnancy.

I am excited for the upcoming 6 months and how WFC will help me, Heath, and our baby down the road.

Thank you Dr. Tye and Dr. Chelsey for all of your help!”




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