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Unlocking the Missing Link: Understanding the Role of Dysautonomia in Chronic Pediatric Health Challenges

How many symptoms + conditions can be easily linked to Dysautonomia? 🕵️‍♂️

How long can you keep reading? 🥸😆

ADHD. Anxiety. Asthma. Allergies 🤧. And those are just the A’s. 

Colic. Reflux. Constipation 💩. Sensory. Headaches. Exhaustion. Gastroparesis. Nausea. Vomiting 🤢. Sleep Challenges.

While you could write a book 📗with all the symptoms and conditions that can be linked to Dysautonomia and Vagus Nerve Dysfunction. 

But even more important than linking all the symptoms and health challenges is understanding this – what caused the Dysautonomia 🧠 in the first place. 

In this video 🎥 Dr. Tye will walk you through exactly how this one thing could be the key 🔑 to understanding ALL of your child’s health issues, and how they’re linked together. 

This is especially for parents of kiddos with multiple health challenges that have felt all along that they are all somewhat related. 

So let’s dig into what Dysautonomia and the Vagus nerve 🧠 do for our kids, what causes it to go “haywire,” 🥵 how we can measure it 📊 and help it ! 💪


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