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“We are more calm and less reactive”

“For Imogen and I, we were a little chaotic mood-wise. We were very reactive to each other. We just weren’t very peaceful.

With the care here, there is more peace. We are more calm and less reactive; we are able to take the time to respond rather than give in to pure reaction. I feel there is more space in my brain and more flow in my nervous system. I am able to be more of who I am capable of being — it’s effortless. We’re going in the direction of ease without having to try so hard to make it happen, it can just be. I can just be.

At Whole Family Chiropractic, it has been very effective care. I really like that the consistency has helped. It was easier to be consistent here than anywhere else, and we tried before. The other chiropractors were more of the bone-first approach. My neck would feel a little better, but it didn’t last.

I just feel good, I just feel better. Everyone at WFC is very welcoming and kind. It is a great atmosphere to be in.”

~Erin C. – WFC Practice Member – For herself and her family

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