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What Causes Colic

Perhaps the only thing more frustrating than trying to soothe an inconsolable crying and colicky baby is trying to figure out the real root cause of their discomfort. 😢
When you turn to your parents, friends, and Facebook Groups for advice you’ll hear everything from gas and tummy problems to tongue ties and food intolerances, to “don’t worry, they’ll grow out of it” type dismissals. Sadly, this one is heard most often in the traditional doctor’s office.
While often dismissed as normal fussiness, emerging research reveals colic is not simply crying they’ll outgrow. It indicates deeper neurological dysregulation and dysfunction that disrupts communication between the brain, the digestive system, and other important functions for your little one like sleeping and getting comfortable. 🧠
The good news is that once you fully understand the causes of colic, you can address them safely, naturally, and without the use of drugs and medications! 💊
For more info, watch this wildly informative video, “From Cries to Calm – The Ultimate Guide to Colic Relief” from Dr. Tye Moe to learn all about the causes of colic. 🎥

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