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Why do you get sick this time of year and three simple tips to help

During the holiday season it is easy to push yourself to the max. Your and your kiddo’s batteries can start to wear down. When that happens, it’s easier for sickness to creep in. However, this time of year doesn’t mean you need to spend it sniffling. You can keep your family strong and healthy!
In order to support you and your family, here are some simple tips:
1) Schedule downtime. Take a nap, go to bed early, connect with your family without being in front of a screen. Put this on your schedule and commit just like you do with a holidy party. 😴📚🤗
2) Eat simple warm foods. Of course there are plenty of holiday sweets…I’m giving you permission to still eat and enjoy those! However, make sure you give your digestion support with foods that are simple, warm, and easy to digest. When your body spends less energy on digestion, it has more energy to spend on the immune system…meaning more energy to keep the bugs at bay! 🍲
3) Keep up with your adjustments. Because adjustments help you and your family handle stress better, it is a critical time of year to stay on track with your chiropractic care. When you handle stress better you get sick less often! 💪
For more great tips, check out our full Armor Up Your Immune System webinar series (it’s free):
Stay healthy all winter long!

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