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Why Don’t Antibiotics Stop the Cycle of Chronic Ear Infections? 

If your kiddo has been struggling with recurring ear infections, and you’re wondering why antibiotics aren’t stopping them, here is a conversation that may help you.

A mom asked me this same question for her son, because she was frustrated that his ear infections kept coming back.  She was also exhausted because of late nights consoling him, and fed up with another missed day of day care.  She thought that after multiple rounds of antibiotics those ear infections should just go away…shouldn’t they?

Well she wasn’t alone in this question.  I’ve talked to many parents who have shared the very same frustration.  The thing is, antibiotics are designed to treat an ear infection, but not to make future ones go away.

There is a difference between treatment and prevention.  Treatment is something you do in the moment to treat a problem.  If an ear infection is caused by a bacteria, an antibiotic will help kill that bacteria.  (If an ear infection is caused by a virus, antibiotics won’t help the pain or the infection.)  While antibiotics may help your kiddo feel better more quickly, once the infection is gone they don’t provide any more benefit.  This is because antibiotics don’t address the reason the ear infection occurred in the first place.

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Was your child’s immune system run down?  Were they eating a lot of food that created inflammation or congestion in their body?  Was something misaligned in their neck that was preventing their ear tubes (eustachian tubes) from draining properly, and causing fluid to build up?  To prevent ear infections from coming back, we need to look at why they showed up in the first place.  

Since graduating in 2007 and helping hundreds & hundreds of parents get help for their kiddo, the biggest thing that I’ve found causing chronic ear infections is when a kiddo’s body can’t adapt to the stress of their environment.  

When a child’s body is working normally, they can handle most environments just fine.  Of course they still get sick once in awhile…but if they do, their body knows how to handle it quickly.  If it was only the environment that made kids sick, the daycare room that is making one kiddo constantly sick should be making the entire room constantly sick.  

By helping your kiddo’s body function at its best, they can be as resilient as possible.  That is what we love to do – we use our neurological chiropractic to relieve stresses that were built up in the nervous system, and allow the body to do what it’s designed to do – be strong, healthy, and resilient!

Please know, most parents want this resilience for their kiddo, but they don’t know how to do it.  We’ve seen parents who feel sad or ashamed that they haven’t been able to help their kiddo. 

They hit the point were they just want these ear infections to be over with NOW!  They want to be done wondering, “Am I doing something doing wrong?”  As a parent myself, I want to help you without judgment.  There are many things I’ve wished I’d known sooner for my son, and many times I’ve could have used a helping hand from another parent.  

If you’d like to see if we can help (with confirmation that you are working hard as a parent, and your parenting style is just fine), we’d love to take a look.  Schedule an assessment today and see if our gentle, neurologically based chiropractic can help your kiddo build their resiliency and feel good!

Call 651-789-0033 or email feelawesome@healthyfamilymn.com to set up your kiddo’s first visit and see if we can help.

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